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A one-stop ecommerce solution to accelerate your business with our ready to use website templates. Come and explore an enormous opportunity using ZenBasket!

A one-stop ecommerce solution to accelerate your business with our ready to use website templates — No payment required. No web experience needed. Free support available.

ecommerce platfrom

No Payment Required

ecommerce platfrom

No Web Experience Needed

ecommerce platfrom

Free Support

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Establish Your Online Store

Design your store and define your success

Build an online store

Build an Online Store

Effortlessly craft a polished and visually stunning online store using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder, tailored to showcase your brand. No coding skills are needed.

Tailored Templates for Your Industry

Tailored Templates for Your Industry

Find a diverse array of templates to personalize your online store for any industry. Choose from professionally designed, industry-specific templates that are mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, and easily customizable.

Enhance with plugins

Enhance With Plugins

Enhance your online store by incorporating extra features and functionality through our add-on plugins.

Faster loading

Faster Loading

ZenBasket is optimized for faster site loading performance.

Market Your Store

Market Your Store

A unified platform to discover and sell to the perfect customers.

Reach your Target Audience

Expand your audience reach by utilizing SEO, social media, and content marketing tools to connect with potential shoppers.

Establish a Connection With Customers

A unified platform to discover and sell to the perfect customers.

Now’s The Time

Start your online store in just 5 simple steps!

ZenBasket - The New Ecommerce Standard!

Enhance your online business by incorporating essential features.


Want to start your online business within your budget? You are at the right place to start your business. Connect with ZenBasket now!

Free Sub Domain

ZenBasket helps you setup your existing domain to get connected with ZenBasket platform. We also provide you with free subdomain setup if you don't own a domain.

Manage Your Store With Mobile App

ZenBasket's mobile app helps you in managing your products, orders and customers directly from your mobile device.

Optimized Checkouts

Enhance your shopping experience with streamlined checkouts to reduce cart abandonment rates.

Free Website Themes

Create a stunning online store quickly using our free themes, easily customized with built-in tools. ZenBasket themes prioritize speed and customer experience, offering many free options with additional features.

Friendly Support

Get free ecommerce consultation from ZenBasket and use our resources to learn everything about our features, functions and services.

Meet Clients Satisfied by Using Our Product

Experience ZenBasket's rapid performance, propelling your enterprise's growth ahead of the competition.

Try ZenBasket to Sell Online

Start a no-commitment 14-days free trial and enjoy our ZenBasket features on your ecommerce website with free support. (No credit/debit card required)

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