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Environment setup model

If your business has never had an online presence no problem, you can get your business online in no time with ZenBasket. ZenBasket can easily help you get set up in one of the environment models listed below to ensure a good client experience.

  • Setup a separate domain to act as an individual website.
  • Setup as a subdomain of ZenBasket.
  • Setting up as one of the stores in ZenBasket Store without domain or subdomain.

Payment model

ZenBasket Integrates with five different payment methods such as Stripe, Square, Razorpay, Paypal and Amazon Pay. We provide different types of payment methods so you can set up your site easily and configure it quickly for your business to start making sales. You can configure using one of the methods below.

  • Maintained by Store -Payment setup by store.
  • Maintained by ZenBasket -Static amount with a credit card in % charges.
  • Maintained by ZenBasket-Amount charge in percentage.

Learn Your Buyer’s Persona

You can understand your business and customer by the analytics on your dashboard. Your Admin can look at the sales analysis, product details, sales info, offer data, tax rates, invoices, customers, site traffic, page visitors, bounce rate, click rate, deals, cart information, location info and more with the help of Google Analytics which is being integrated into ZenBasket.

Web and Mobile Friendliness

Part of getting set up for success with ZenBasket is creating your store’s website and adding all your products for purchase on mobile devices or home computers. We can use custom images for your products and tailor the text on your webpage to reflect your brand. ZenBasket websites are responsive and work across multiple devices and platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

To target the right buyers, optimize your E-commerce platform with an SEO strategy. With the right keywords, location, and business objective, etc., you can identify your buyer’s habits and learn how your buyer acts and the way they purchase your product while on your site.

ZenBasket Admin App

With ZenBasket, the store owner can manage the orders and inventory of the shop on the mobile platform with the help of the ZenBasket Admin App. With the help of the app, the store owner can manage products, orders, and inventory, based on the location, open/close the store, and much more.

Store App

As a business owner, ZenBasket also provides you a store mobile app, which lets your customer's to place orders to your store. As a business owner, one may use the app to list their products and allow your customers to place orders to their store through ZenBasket's store app.

ZenBasket Store

ZenBasket has an option to integrate your retail store in the ZenBasket Store so that users can purchase products in a single location by searching different stores at one place.

Third Party Integrations With ZenBasket

ZenBasket includes Email integration for keeping in contact with your customers. Connect your existing or create payment gateways to allow for online payments. You can add or create an account for Shippo, Postmates or others for delivery integration. To make delivery easily ZenBasket integrated with different Routings and to stay on top of tax calculations it collaborates with Avalara or TaxJar and more see below.

Pickup & Delivery

ZenBasket makes the shipping process more simple and reduces the complexity by integrating shipping with the Shippo platform and collaborates with Postmate for local delivery.

Tax Customization

Setup Tax Categories for different product groups and customize by location where you do business. Subscribe to Avalara or TaxJar to update the latest changes in tax rates.

Routing Integration

Optimize delivery time, customer location, routes manually or integrated with Route4me, Optimo Route, Speedy Route, Routific, or Roadwarrior to get the best routing experience.

Analytics Integration

ZenBasket admin is able to look at the Sales analysis, product details, customer, site traffic, page visitors, bounce rate with Google Analytics.

Payment Gateways

In ZenBasket you can integrate with Stripe, Square, Amazon pay, Razorpay or Paypal to initiate payments. ZenBasket supports the following payment modes.

QuickBook Integration

To access the cart items, customers, orders ZenBasket integrates with QuickBooks accounting software for an effective result.

Email Marketing

Email is the ultimate marketing tool for small businesses, ZenBasket integrates with Mailchimp and Constant contact to embrace the power of email marketing campaigns to grow your business online.

Sell on Facebook

The ZenBasket store is also provided with the option to selectively sync the products to the Facebook store to increase the productivity and product sale.

Notify Your Users

To enhance faster communication and to send every update via SMS ZenBasket integrates with Twilio. It allows your customer get business move and also they can easily track their orders.

Customer Sign Up

Your customers will access your store through any device with internet access. All they need is a phone number & email address to register. Customers can add credit or debit card information for a completely online/touch free experience.

Unlimited Products

In ZenBasket the admin can upload unlimited products under various categories and tags. The product categories to help your customers narrow down search results quickly and product tags help customers find featured or on-sale products.

Multiple Admin Support

As your business grows, managing everything with a single admin is complex. So ZenBasket allows you to add multiple administrators to maintain and manage products, pricing, and promotions to your customer base.

Product Category and Tags

Finding the right product quickly is important for your customers. Create and manage custom categories for your products (ex. Fruits, Sandwiches, etc.). You can also use tags to group products (ex. On sale, Thanksgiving, Limited Time, etc.) for browsing or promoting in your web store.

Inventory Management

In ZenBasket the admin can create and manage product stock quality, location information, the price, category name from the admin mobile app or from the web app.

Multi-Location Support

Your store is so successful, you need to add more locations. ZenBasket is equipped to grow with you through multi-location product and inventory support.

Abandoned Cart

Customer logs out before completing the purchase? No problem! ZenBasket allows you to track all the unfulfilled orders and promote the customers to complete their order.


Subscriptions are a great way to sell more products and delight your buyers with convenience. At ZenBasket, we make it easy to offer subscription and pre-order any product for the Farm store.

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