With our responsive themes that look great on any device, build your own site. Showcase products, run ads, grow sales and show what you have to offer while delivering a unforgettable shopping experiences.


Free Sub Domain

Build your brand with a free subdomain registered via ZenBasket or create your website for your purchased domain.

Unique Themes

Build your store uniquely by selecting from a list of stunning themes and templates.

Shopping Cart

You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like. ZenBasket has all the tools to build a seamless shopping experience, offer multiple payment options and manage cart abandonment recovery.

Shopping Card

Recover Your Order

Track items in your customers cart and provide abandoned cart recovery features to help customers convert them into orders.

Shipping Management

Configurable shipping rate based on subtotal range using various shipping methods.

Order Pickup

Configure pickup rate based on subtotal & location by using various pickup methods provided by ZenBasket.

Manage Your Manual Tax

With ZenBasket’s features, configure your store to calculate tax rates for countries worldwide, states and zones.

Digital Payments

ZenBasket accepts payment on the go with credit cards, debit cards and UPI as payment methods at checkout.

Free SSL certificate

We provide free SSL Certificate to your store site, ensuring all data that your customers enter in your store site is secure.

Store Management

Manage and monitor inventory, order fulfillment, customers, transactions and staff in one place. Increase and encourage conversions with featured products, offers and ribbons.

Store Management

Manage Your Online Store

ZenBasket's dashboard helps you track and manage your revenue, customers, products and orders.

Accessible Clientele

ZenBasket allows you to manage your customers in one place. You can track orders and login history.

Customer Group

Categorize your customers with similar traits, so that you can email group members with exclusive offers.

Manage Your Order

With ZenBasket's features you can analyse the order, payments, fulfilling orders and adding notes for your employees and customers. You can also choose to provide a partial or full refund for any returned items.

Manage Your Staff

With ZenBasket’s features, you can add staff and configure select features of your store. You can also manage staff accounts by enabling and disabling their account as a whole.


ZenBasket supports integration with online payment platforms to collect order amount from customers. We also support partial refunds and full refunds for the order(s).


Get the word out about your brand by leveraging your social channels. From building brands to creating awareness or scaling business, ZenBasket is equipped to help you achieve new heights.



Use discount to attract new customers and repeat customers to your online store. Discounts boost in attracting new customers and repeat customers connected to your store.

Promote Your Sales

ZenBasket allows you to promote your ongoing sales, and deals to your customers easily.


With ZenBasket’s features, convert website visitors into paying clients, raise awareness, boost sales, and advertise sales events on your site.


Made with businesses in mind. Bulk Import and Export. Add ribbons to help drive sales. Manage your products with just a few clicks, and easily manage your inventory.


Manage Your Inventory

Having trouble tracking your stock? Monitor and manage your inventory at the click of a button with ZenBasket.

Product Branding

With ZenBasket’s features, you can provide a superior shopping experience to your customers through product branding.

Product Categories

ZenBasket allows you to group your products into categories to help customers navigate faster through the store and find what they need.

Product Variants

ZenBasket allows you to setup variants for your products. Each variant can be maintained with distinct pricing and stock quantity.

Product Ribbons

Use ribbons to sprinkle some wow factor onto your products that deserve that spotlight!

Featured Products

ZenBasket allows you to set up a list of featured products, to focus on selling those products to your customers. ZenBasket's featured products is the way to go if you want to showcase your top-selling products.

Product Waiting List

Give your customers the option to add out-of-stock products to the waiting list for notifications when the stock is available.

Product Wishlist

My wishlist provides an option to know your customer's choice, approach them, share offers and help them make better decisions.

Mobile App

Run your store on-the-go. Get your own application and manage your stores from anywhere. Streamline your business and stay connected to your customers with ZenBasket’s Mobile Application.

Mobile App

Own Your Mobile App

ZenBasket automatically syncs your products, orders, customers and insights directly from your online store to your mobile app.

Manage Your Product

With the ZenBasket app, you can add your product, manage your inventory, manage your product reviews and create variant products too.

Manage Your Order

You can analyze orders in addition to processing payments, fulfilling orders, cancelling orders, refunding for returned products and recovering abandoned carts.

Our Notable Features

Check out a large selection of features ZenBasket has to offer!

Notable Features

Design Tools

Our themes & DIY builders allow you to build and customize your store pages to make things simpler. ZenBasket has every possible feature to build your next Ecommerce site.

View Logs Report

ZenBasket allows you to view the complete history of your transactions, payment, refund and import/export details.

Reply to Your Visitor's Queries

Get connected to your customers by responding to their questions and boost reliability.

Seamless Integrations

ZenBasket integrates with third-party tools to provide secured payments, fast delivery, multi-channel sales and promote your brand.

Friendly Support

Get free Ecommerce consultation from ZenBasket and use our resources to know everything about our features, functions and services.

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